Wide range of pressure gauges with a wide selection of sizes, executions and scales. Quickly reply to your special needs



Thermometers for your applications. Ready to reply to your requests. Short delivery times.



Ball valves full bore, three-piece, welded, three-way. Check valves and Y strainer. Pneumatic actuators



Threaded stainless steel fittings, compressed air fittings to complete the range


STEP e FBX file

STEP and FBX files of our main products are available.
These files are a standard containing a set of rules for integrating, presenting and exchanging data; can be used to transfer data between popular design systems.
You can find them in the "Download" section in the articles tabs.


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Christmas 2023 - always better

Our tradition of helping those who help is renewed

This is why we support the LILT which concretely helps prevention, the AIRC which continues its commitment to cancer treatment research and disseminates results and treatment perspectives, Lega del Filo D'Oro to help deafblind people, Maisha Marefu who supports different communities in Africa.

For BART a Christmas without panettone, baskets and gifts, but full of hope!

Merry Christmas to all and thank you very much

ATEX 2014/34/EU Update

Receipt TÜV IT 23 ATEX 0122 AR

New bank detail

New bank detail

IT30V 02008 01642 0001 0629 9816

Swift UNCR IT M1242

Agenzia 242 MILANO
Piazza Udine, MILANO
ABI 02008
CAB 01642
C/C 1 0629 9816

Base chemical section of Milan Science museum.

BART has collaborated in a glass case in to section of the Basic Chemicals Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan

web site is our product catalog to the industries. Pneumatic and automation applied to different branches. You can find thousands of items collected in datasheets, easy and comprehensive, provide of photos, dimensional drawing and other useful information such as options and suggestions for accessories that may be of your interest. You can simply browse with your PC, smartphone or tablet, or print and download documents related. You can request quotes or information. Check what we do and how we do it.
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