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The TORC.GPM manual pressure generator is a system created to solve the problems of calibration and checking of dial manometers, transducers, pressure transmitters and pressure switches with a first line sample carrying ACCREDIA certification. The pressure fluid is pressurised by means of an internal piston, which allows micrometric adjustment of the pressure with very low effort, thanks to a screw system. The structure is in aluminium for easier handling, and comprises a central reservoir for the hydraulic circuit fluid, a drain ball valve, a system for sealing the reservoir for transport, and two ½ gas connections for connecting the sample manometer and manometer to be tested to the device for calibration. The generator is complete with gaskets and with travelling case including two compartments for the sample manometers . Main application is directly linked to companies or laboratories that are quality-certified and have the need of monitoring their own pressure indicators at regular intervals with a first line ACCREDIA certified sample


Pressure generator. (Pressure gauge NOT included). Range 0 - 2000 bar Max.
Structure in stainless steel. Mineral Oil working. Preload pump before pressure regulation. Valve fast release pressure. Tank included.
Connection revolving 1/2" BSP and O-Ring or cone seal.
Dimensions: 465 x 370 x 175 mm + TRAVELLING CASE - Made in ITALY

Using range

Working temperature 0+40°C (+32+104°F)


2000 or 3000 bar


Software: PressKAL The program is designed to facilitate calibration and metrological confirmation of gauges that measure in both positive and vacuum in accordance with International Standard EN ISO 9001. The calibration procedure and calculations are made in accordance with the requirements of the "Guide for the calibration of pressure gauges


User manual


Accuracy 0,05% certificate by LAT (ACCREDIA accredited laboratory)


DATALOGGER Rechargeable battery + Wireless



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