Sales terms


All sales made by BART S.r.l to its foreign customers are subject to these terms and conditions. Purchaser's acceptance is given issuing the purchase order to BART.


The delivery date indicated on the proforma invoice does not constitute an absolute commitment deliver terms. Any delay will not entitle the customer to cancel or reduce the order or any action or compensation for damages. The goods are ready only after our notice.


All sales are EXW Seller's shipping point unless otherwise noted. If shipping and sandling charges are quoted or invoiced all risk of loss or damage in transit are bear to customer.


Any samples, with permission of the technical and / or business. are to be considered for examination and approval. Any shipping and returns are customer charged.


BART S.r.l. issue shipping invoices for any shipments. For EUROPEAN country minimun amount is 100,00 EUR per shipment (If less 15,00 Eur fee). Non-European country minimum amount is 300,00 EUR (If less 30.00 Eur fee)


The warranty begins from the date of purchase. The warranty period is required by law. The warranty is void if: the goods are tampered with any kind; Misuse or otherwise does not meet specifications; Product can not be identified as coming from BART S.r.l.


Eight (8) days after receiving goods Buyer shall notify of any claims for shortages, defects or damages in writing ( and shall hold the goods for Seller's written instructions. Is not possible cancel or return orders about customized goods. Any unauthorized return will be reject.


Any type of certificate must be requested at offer time or, at least, at the order time.


The total credit amount our bank receive must be same of invoice amount. No surcharge from your or other intermediary bank is accepted.


Prices are always confirmed until the order will be delivered.


All disputes as to the legality, interpretation, application, or performance of this order or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Italy, in particular to the Milan's Court.

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ATEX 2014/34/EU Update

Receipt TÜV IT 23 ATEX 0122 AR

New bank detail

New bank detail

IT30V 02008 01642 0001 0629 9816

Swift UNCR IT M1242

Agenzia 242 MILANO
Piazza Udine, MILANO
ABI 02008
CAB 01642
C/C 1 0629 9816

Base chemical section of Milan Science museum.

BART has collaborated in a glass case in to section of the Basic Chemicals Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Milan

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